Video of Rans Hammer Truck electric cargo bike

If a picture is worth a thousand words, I’m guessing a video is worth at least a hundred pictures.  I’ve been wanting to make a video showing the bike in action for months.  Now that I have, it won’t win any awards, but hopefully it will give you an idea of how the bike works and how it sounds (silent motor, squeaky brakes!)

  • Mike

    I just purchased a HammerTruck.
    Looking forward to upgrading.
    I wonder if a solar panel could be used?

  • Hi Don

    I just discovered your BLOG today and read all of your entries…very nice. I especially like your focus on electric assistance as I agree that is what will be necessary to get people out of their cars if they do not live in a perfectly flat city. Also, thanks for your thoughts on the BionX system. I have aleays been impressed with that system…and I am now convinced that I should try the BionX on the coolest front loading cargo bike on the planet…the BULLITT cargo bikes from Copenhagen.

    Good Job…and keep it up

    • Don

      Thanks, Joel. My family enjoyed seeing Bullitt bikes hauling various loads when we lived in Copenhagen. If you find that BionX and Bullitt work well together, let me know about it. It’s a different kind of bike that might be interesting to my readers. It would be fun to include a description and a photo of this electric cargo bike option on my blog.