Cargo Bikes’ Hidden Danger

(April 1st, 2014) As this video demonstrates, a longtail cargo bike has a hidden danger: poor backup visibility. Because a cargo bike is longer than a regular bike, there exists a “danger zone” behind the rear wheel where the rider’s view is blocked. This video shows my attempts to develop a “backup camera” to alleviate this problem, with limited success. My camera is similar to cameras recently mandated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for all light vehicles.

  • Nate Byerley

    Seriously though. That was funny. We here at Xtracycle have been wanting a kid cam that would capture moments like this: . I did this by rubber banding a point and shoot camera to my seat and riding standing up. About as user-friendly as the helmet cam. But seriously – seriously – who has the killer app for a seatpost mounted cam that will stream video to the handlebar so you can see if your kid is escaping from the Hooptie at a stoplight? -Nate from Xtracycle

    • markstos

      What about a GoPro handlebar amount attached to stoker bars, facing backwards? Too close to subject?

  • Jake Dean

    Great April Fools idea!

  • angelo212

    WOW. That dude is trying really hard to make a buck off this think called bicycling. Your trying wayyy to hard bro. Nobody needs your camera. Stop trying so hard and enjoy yourself.