Choosing to ride a bike in the winter


The morning my four year old daughter had a choice to ride on a bike for 3 miles in the cold and snow, or ride in the car. She chose the bike, and we had a comfortable ride over to church. When we arrived I asked if anything was cold. She said her ankles were a little cold– she was wearing anklets instead of full-height socks, and some cold air got on them. That would be easily solved with proper socks in the future.

I have some hope that if children can get beyond the excuse that “it’s too cold to ride”, then perhaps some adults can get over it as well. Biking for transportation in the winter can be great way to fit in some exercise, when it’s otherwise not as enticing to be outside.

For another great post on the topic of kids and choosing to ride in the winter, see this post entitled “There’s No Such Thing….as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing” by Sara at Full Hands.

  • lisa

    What type of rear child carrier do you recommend for a four year old?  I am considering a trailer since we will be traveling long distances, but am looking for an alternative until getting a trailer.   

    • markstos

      Lisa, I use four different options with my four year old. Here they are in order of her preference (and mine!): 1. A Burley Piccolo with 6 speeds. She enjoys pedaling and I can feel the difference. 2. Stoker bars on Xtracycle. She enjoys the freedom, and I appreciate the minimal weight. 3. Yepp Maxi rear seat. It’s very well made, doesn’t absorb water in the rain and best feature– it quick releases on and off. 4. “Peanut Shell” rear kids seat, sold by Yuba. It’s relatively inexpensive and gets the job done, but it’s time consuming to install and remove and has pads that would soak up water in the rain. The cheaper plastic foot straps might break off, and the attachment could scratch your frame if you aren’t careful.