DIY sleeve extender for winter bike commuting

DIY sleeve extender for winter bike commuting

Wrists are prone to getting cold while winter bike commuting. With arms stretched out to reach the handlebars, a gap appears between jacket and gloves. When my wrists are cold, I’m cold.

I tried jackets with sleeves that cinched over my gloves. These slipped. I tried giant over-mitts that tightened over my jacket sleeves. These slipped too, and the big mitts were bulky to carry around in my pockets when I was off the bike.

So I made this simple sleeve extender, shown in this photos after the jump. It’s super to easy to use, doesn’t slip, and is very low bulk. It also happens to look like an extra long shirt sleeve, rather than technical mountain climbing gear.

Creating a sleeve extender couldn’t be simpler: It’s just the top of a sock
that’s been cut off– about 4 inches works well– after the bottom has worn out. My favorite pair of
sleeve extenders were formally light-weight merino wool socks, but
other kinds would work as well.

DIY sleeve extender for winter bike commuting
Turning an old sock into a sleeve extender for winter bike commuting

  • Neat idea. I don’t think my commuting, which I’ve done the past two weeks, will be feasible in the winter months as I have more than an hour of rural commuting to do. However, I want to reduce my use of the car even for things I need to do and places I need to go in the city, including in winter, and such DIY solutions are a great idea.