Grocery Trip

Electric Cargo Bike as Grocery Getter

Grocery Trip

  • Two 45 Gallon Totes by Sterlite + the Go Getter bag provide 340 liters of hauling volume
  • Up to 300 lbs of cargo reasonably hauled (in addition to the rider)
  • Bar mitts keep hands warm without bulky gloves or mittens
  • Schwable Winter Marathon carbide-studded tires for traction on ice
  • Electric system provides up to 20 mph of assist reliably for 20 continous miles (longer if you pedal more)
  • Much less effort getting up hills, even with a load.
  • Bright front and rear LED lights are powered by pedaling if battery fails
  • Super-stable double-sided kickstand
  • Recharges overnight in the garage for pennies

We’re able to haul more stuff further, faster, with less effort and greater comfort than ever before (like loads of recycled computers, or two children and camping gear). Compared to the alternative of having a second car, the system more than pays for itself.

My electric Yuba Mundo was built and sold by Cycle 9. Trailer by Bikes at Work is expandable to 8 feet for longer loads, like couches. Combining this trailer with this bike currently requires a bit of custom welding.

  • R.Bell

    Fantastic blog! I really appreciate the open minded focus on all of your transportation choices. I think that reflects a mature broad minded look at which choice suits each particular need. After watching, I have to say that e-cargo bikes look like a very “high value” alternative for many folks. As a rural resident, I pick which bike I will use depending on my trip goals. Of course distance and time still keeps me in the fossil fuel grip, as much as I hate it! Keep up the blog, I will continue to follow. Be the change, be the change, be the change that empowers and dignifies all of us!! You and your family are keeping me inspired!