Today I found a relatively new web site (started in June) that reviews electric bikes and developments in the industry: ElectricBikeReport.com.  Aside from frequent articles, the web site includes a section on electric cargo bikes.  At this point, the site is a little rough – maybe half-way between a hobbyist blog and a professional site, but it has potential to develop into a great hub for people who are shopping for an electric bike, tracking recent developments, or maintaining the e-bike they already own.  The web site creator has been in the industry for some time and has worked in bike shops.  He seems enthusiastic and committed to pursuing this as a real business venture (he sells some merchandise and derives income from ads on the site).

This is another step in the development of electric bikes that I’ve been hoping to see.  We need people who can make a living by providing helpful information as well as selling and servicing these products.  Even though I enjoy blogging about electric cargo bikes as an interesting hobby, I will gladly turn the reins over to professionals when that day comes.  I’ll be watching ElectricBikeReport.com to see if it or other sites like it make MyCargoBike.net superfluous.

  • Thanks for the mention Don!  I really appreciate it.  I am excited to get the word out about electric bikes and encourage people to ditch the car now and then.

    I enjoy running errands around town on my Xtracycle electric cargo bike.  It’s not the cleanest ecargo bike but here is a pic of my ride.

    I really like your site.  Please keep it up; even when the “professionals” take over the reins.  It is great to hear your perspectives on cargo biking!