Weather canopy options for cargo bikes

A weather canopy for your children can make a big difference in your child’s
comfort on the bike during rainy, cold or windy conditions.

The most iconic canopy option is the weather canopy for a bakfiets:

father, daughter and sleep dog on first trip to Abington

However, if you have a longtail cargo bike like an XtraCycle or Yuba Mundo,
there are some DIY options worth knowing about, with detailed instructions
available online.

I love the look the Covered Bike Wagon canopy by co-blogger Larry Clarkberg:

bike canopy side view

You can read more about how he made the covered bike wagon canopy and he can answer
questions about it in the comments. His variation with solar panels is also
worth a look:

solar bicycle

There’s more about this project at My Solar Bicycle. Most recently I spotted this solution for sun and rain production for a Yuba Mundo:

It’s not quite iconic but it gets the job done, and
instructions are available online.

You can also read more about the differences between the bakfiets, Xtracycles and the Yuba Mundo.

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  • anon
  • Carlin_n_Carlo

    I’ve browsed through hundreds of Wile E. Coyote patent ideas for bicycle rain protection bicycle canopies. Not once have I seen one that comes near to the practicability of what I call my ‘Gigantus Steve Martin Umbrella Hat’ with its 360ᵒ dropdown zipper shroud keeping one’s legs dry pedaling while wearing plastic rainproof booties.

    Vulcanized to the 360ᵒ zipper shroud’s sides, both left and right, are two arms-length, lightweight clear plastic gloves similar to those heavy rubber coverall gloves worn by handlers of atomic isotopes through lead glass barriers, only these are designed to keep riders’ arms and hands dry using the provided strap-on hand-operated squeegee blade to maintain visibility clarity from rain droplets that otherwise obstruct riders’ progress through the rain.

    I sell these kits for $350 dollars each. …And as an added bonus if you order yours within twenty-four hours of this post, I will throw in absolutely free of charge, a second kit for spouse or significant other!

  • Laurence Clarkberg

    Carlin_n_Carlo do you have a picture of that?