100 mile radius potluck at the park

bakfiets: “It can haul groceries”

100 mile radius potluck at the park

Someone commented about my new bakfiets cargo bike this morning that “now I could I haul groceries on the bicycle”.

I had been getting groceries fine on my “normal” bike fine for some years. But you couldn’t tell that from casually looking the bike.

I never once made a trip where I couldn’t bring home everything I wanted. Usually just some saddle bags were used for the hauling, but occasionally a trailer was used to fetch a large bag of dog food.

But on most trips the saddle bags and trailer are left at home, so the carrying capacity isn’t visible.

The importance of the bakfiets in the US now is that it is obvious that the bakfiets is built to haul. And it does in fact haul a lot. I believe it’s rated to haul about 250 lbs of cargo or kids, plus the weight of the driver. (That’s 175 lbs in the bucket, and 75 more on the rear rack).

The bakfiets instantly communicates its practicality, without the need to explain how racks, saddle bags and a trailer can extend the capacity of a common bike.

With a bakfiets cargo bike, it’s easy to visualize how a parent could take a kid or two kids to the grocery and have room to haul everyone and everything back. The bakfiets is much easier to see as a car-replacement vehicle.