100 mile radius potluck at the park

100 mile radius potluck at the park

There was another 100 mile radius potluck tonight. In the spirit of local self-reliance of the event, we wanted to get the family there by bike.

Onboard the bakfiets we have:

– baby
– surpringly gigantic American car seat
– 2 full size fulling chairs
– stroller
– full table service for two in a backpack
– diaper bag (in the pannier)
– dish to share (strapped to rack)
– misc (camera, toys, water bottle, 512 Meg memory sticks,two ceramic dishes to return to friends)

Even with all this stuff, the bike rode easily and efficiently. My wife said: “I can’t believe you’re beating me up the hill!”

Although the bike looks very full, there’s still room for another pannier we didn’t need (on the other side), and we could have simplified what we took, leaving the chairs and stroller at home.

Also, my wife’s bike was completely unloaded, we could have spread out some of the load with her bike if we wanted to.

The event itself was a lot of great food and good company, and the family picnic by bike was definitely a success.