carrying a queen size mattress, by bike.

carrying a queen size mattress by bike

carrying a queen size mattress, by bike.

It’s a been a weekend of service hauling with the bakfiets. Friday, I took the push reel mower to work for a co-worker to borrow. (human powered transport of a human powered mower!).

Today I took a trash bag out to the neighborhood entrance and filled it with garbage that been dumped by the side of the road there. I was going to be hauling the six foot couch to dump anyway, and I had some storage space under the couch.

After I dropped off the couch at the dump, I returned to this spot near the New Paris Pike and Hayes Arboretum Road intersection. Someone had thrown a queen size mattress off the bridge and into the creek.

I thought maybe since I happen to have a compression strap with me, I would be able to get mattress up the six foot embankment, folded in half and strapped onto the bike parked in the soft shoulder…by myself.

To my own surprise, I was able to accomplish this and return to the dump with a second large load.

As luck had it, the 10 second auto-timer captured this mid-air shove of the mattress into its new resting place.