106:365 just a coupla nutcases

fun and attractive helmet alternatives

106:365 just a coupla nutcases

106:365 just a coupla nutcases, originally uploaded by julochka.

Having fun and attractive helmet options could help voluntary helmet use among yourself and your family.

Here are several alternatives to the standard recreational helmet design which may not be available in your local bike shop.

Featured above are some helmet designs from Nutcase Helmets. They have a lot of fun designs to choose from with a multi-sport helmet design that doesn’t scream “racer”, for all of us who aren’t. They are competively priced at about $50. If you are more of “plain colors” kind of person like I am, you may like their Colorama line.

Bern is another stylish helmet brand with street-style helmets that include options for matte colors, visors, and integrated winter hats. It appears that their helmet prices range are in the $50 to $100 range, although online shopping sites may turn up closeout deals for much less.

If you like to ride in more formal attire, perhaps an equestrian helmet is for you. They need to pass many of the same safety standards as bike helmets, and can be found through shopping searches for less than $50 dollars. See how Cedric rolls with an equestrian helmet.

If the gadget factor is more your thing, perhaps you’ll like the more Star Trek look of a Lazer Urbanize helmet which includes an integrated visor and front and back LED lights built-into the helmet that can be popped out when you don’t need them. Price with lights: about $100.

Finally, if anything which resembles a helmet wrinkles your nose, then perhaps a stealth helmet from Yakkay is for you. These helmets are designed to have actual hats worn over them. If you can pull it off like the models in their photos, people will only see that you have a stylish hat on, and won’t there’s actually a helmet underneath it.

As a final thought, consider having multiple helmets for different occassions. Choose a helmet for cold weather riding with fewer vents, or match a helmet with your mood our style.

The end goal: have more fun and ride more often. Enjoy!