Close-up of the Burley Piccolo / Yuba Mundo weld

Close-up of the Burley Piccolo / Yuba Mundo weld

The parts that are hidden by the Piccolo are visible in the mockup photo. It’s just the key part from a Piccolo rack that’s been cut out.

The one detail that’s not visible here is that Kurt beefed up the welds between the cross-bar from the rack and the sidebars. As you can see in the mockup photo, they were just lightly tacked together in the original frame.

A nice feature of this over the Xtracycle Mods I’ve seen and done is that here the interface is recessed just a bit, so the top of the rack remains flat, and can be used for other purposes. (Such as being covered again with a cushion to be used for a seat). You woudn’t want to sit on the Xtracycle version of the mount!

This solution is super-solid, without adding much weigh to the frame, and there are no nuts and bolts in the frame to loosen over time.

We stress-tested it some, applying torque to the Piccolo from different directions, and the frame portion doesn’t budge.

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