baby + tub o’ compost on an electric cargo bike

baby + tub o' compost on an electric cargo bike

An 18 gallon Rubbermaid container easily straps on to to the “wings” of Yuba Mundo with a couple of bungie cords, even with the Peanut Shell kid seat installed.

I was tasked with collecting 30 to 40 pounds of compost from a house about 3 miles away and bringing it home on the bike, along with the child.

This was an easy task for the electric Yuba Mundo. Not only was it convenient to carry a child plus this significant cargo, the electric assist was still able to provide signicant help to move all this.

Without the electric assistance it would been a feasible, but slow task given that the gearing is already designed for big loads. With the electric assist, I could accomplish the errand with basically as much– or as little– exercise as I wanted.

This hybrid human/electric system is a great way to blend exercise with transportation, since you can choose on a moment-by-moment basis whether to engage the electric assist. By combining human and electric power, it’s possible to move quite large loads at reasonable speeds.

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Thanks to bammermother for the photo.