Missed the bus

Missed the Bus

J. missed the bus to high school today, and I was tasked with getting the girls to school and daycare on time.

With temperatures in the upper 20s, we piled on to the electric-assisted Yuba Mundo and headed out. For this trip we dressed the toddler more aggressively to block the wind generated from the bike’s speed. Her commuting clothes included a winter helmet with built-in ear covers, a balaclava, mittens over gloves, snow pants and a winter coat. She reported that nothing was cold when we arrived at daycare about 15 minutes later.

I stayed warm by dressing in layers, with a Capilene base layer on the bottom and a merino wool base layer on top. I have a thin-but-warm merino wool hat under my helmet, and a Seirus face masque that I pulled up a few moments later. A small DIY sleeve extender seals the gap with my gloves. I’ve been really happy with my “Gripper” Windstopper gloves from Oregon Research down to about 25 degrees. For even colder temperatures I layer wool mittens inside of wind-blocking overmitts.

While I continue to find ways to improve the experience, overall it works out and is enjoyable. It certainly beats paying another $300 / month for a second gas-powered vehicle for our family when one will do.

For those new to Yuba Mundos, carrying two human passengers is all in days work for these longtail bikes. Even with two kids and 60+ pounds of additional cargo, the bike still handles well and achieves reasonable speeds, as seen in this video:

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