Mounting a third water bottle cage on a Rans V-Rex recumbent

I wanted to follow the pattern of Rans V-Rex Commuting Weapon by adding an additional water bottle mount to carry a light system battery.

That’s what the picture above is. There’s also a large version. Here are some notes on how this was created.

My ingredient list included:

  • 4 screws – to hold it all together
  • 2 bits of old bike tire – to pad the frame
  • 2 pieces of scrap metal strips – to mount the rig to the frame
  • 1 piece of perfectly broken old bike cage – to mount the bottle cage against.
  • A little bit of “JB Weld”, to make the mount extra secure.

If you are lacking the precisely broken old bottle cage, I’m sure you could use some other piece of scrap metal with a couple of holes drilled in it, matching the pattern of the bottle cage you want to mount.

I hope you can see how it all fit together well enough from the photos.

I have to give Kurt Ritchie most of the credit for this project, since he was the hardware hacker who made it happen.

The result is very secure and doesn’t move at all. I hope this is helpful with your own project!

Update from 2011: This continued to work for over 5 years, until I was ready to sell the bike.