new bikes-at-work trailer

New bike cargo trailer

new bikes-at-work trailer

Dad, I have some questions about this.

My family has acquired a new Bikes at Work cargo trailer and we’re starting to put it to use.

While the box bike can carry plenty of weight, up to about 240 pounds, it’s limited in the shapes that it can carry. The eight foot long Bikes-at-Work trailer is rated to carry 300 lbs and carry shapes that very long or large.

These trailers seem to make an appearance in so many bike move videos because of their ability to haul couches, refrigerators and canoes.
I’ll be using mine haul recycled computers among other things. Our local hardware co-op gets donations of 3 or 4 complete computer systems at a time, and now I should be able haul those kinds of loads easily bu bike.
My first impression is really how long an eight foot bike trailer is. I mean, most truck beds aren’t even that long, especially with the trend of extended cabs in current trucks. So, while cars and trucks may have the power to haul even heavier loads, the versatile flatbed trailer design is able to haul some sizes and shapes that many cars and trucks can’t fit. (The previously mentioned canoe being one example).

Stay tuned for more photos as I put the new trailer to work!