Carrying a stroller on a cargo bike

There are a few options carrying a stroller on a cargo bike. The
simplest options is do without. Perhaps a sling will do. If the stroller
is to be used primarily on lightly used sidewalks, a bicycle with a
child on it could be pushed along instead.

Sometimes my wife would go shopping at the Farmer’s Market in this
manner, pushing a bakfiets through the market with the child on it:

rainy day farmer's market trip

I hope for the day when our local market is too crowded for that to be feasible.

Before I get to the solutions that do work, I’ll share one attempt at putting a stroller on a bakfiets that didn’t work:

testing a stroller and car seat in the bakfiets

That stroller was too big and heavy to bother with on a bike. So most of the time we laid an umbrella stroller across the top of a bakfiets, and bungee’ed it on, as seen here:

Depot District

finally, back home through the city


Here’s a shot of the stroller unfolded:

stopping at the grocery

The stroller is a Silver Cross Pop. It’s lightweight and works very well. For it’s minimalism, it still have a few features: There’s an area underneath the stroller to stow things, a pocket on the rear, the option to recline, and a sun shade.

When we are pressed for room in the box, I found that we could also
carry the stroller vertically, also using bungee cords:

100 mile radius potluck at the park

Jeff Bertolet shared this photo of a stroller strapped to the side of
a CETMA cargo bike. I believe the key here is that CETMA has additional
points to attach bungee cords. Additional eyelets could be screwed into
a Workcycles bakfiets for the same purpose.

weather canopy and stroller strapped to side of bakfiets

An umbrella stroller can also be stowed on a longtail bike such as an Xtracycle or a Yuba Mundo. One option is to
stick it vertically in the bag:

Big smiles for the Peapod LT

You could also strap it to the side, using the open design of Freeloader
bags, or by attaching it to a wideloader. Although it’s not visible here,
there’s a full sized Maclaren Stroller strapped to the other side.
All in the family

As a final option, there’s the solution that can be used with any bike, which is to
use a bike trailer which converts directly into a stroller. I have not
tried this myself, but Teppo Moisio has a great review video of Chariot Cougar,
which demonstrates how it can convert from a bike trailer to a 4-wheeled
stroller or a 3-wheeled jogging stroller:

Do you have other photos of stroller-on-bike solutions? Post them in the
comments below!