Depot District

Present the Bike Map Design to the City

Once the map design was substantially complete, I was invited back to meet with the city for a final presentation to the mayor and key department heads (Police, Parks, Streets, Metropolitan Development).

The agenda at this meeting included final approval, funding, signage and next steps.

I again emphasized that this work was supporting the Comprehensive Plan and showed another short slide show to present a positive vision of bike culture. I also went over all the valuable information the back up the map. There was support for the project, but not funding– budgets were already being cut all throughout the city. The idea of signing the routes was also supported, but lack of funds meant that would have to wait as well.

In talking about next steps, I boldly presented to the mayor a new job description– for the new bike/ped coordinator we need! (See the job description as a PDF, edit it as RTF). I emphasized that simply if the idea of having this position was desired, it might be possible to create it through a grant, as an internship or with a volunteer. With the cost of gas likely to continue to climb over time, it seems strategic for city’s to invest in something which can improve quality of life, quality of the air, health and transportation. I haven’t heard anything back about this, but I like to think a seed was planted.