Reflections on a year of running with a 10-year-old half-marathoner

2021 did not turn out to be the year of running that I thought it might be.

Entering the pandemic in 2020 upended life. With everything closed, I coped by running more, clocking 5 marathon-distance runs in five weekends in the spring, then 6 marathon-distance runs in six weeks in the spring, closing out my distance season with a marathon PR. Then as fall turned to winter, I found my speed at shorter distances had increased– all my everyday runs were no notably faster.

With my gains in both distane and speed, I predicted races would resume in full force in 2021. I felt ready to set some new PRs, maybe run another block of weekly marathons.

Instead, my 2021 running season went in a different direction. In the next posts I’ll share what changed and now it turned out.

Alex half-way through a 19-mile training run.