Slideshow to Introduce Complete Streets

In my last post, I mentioned the Complete Streets concept. For a quick visual introduction I recommend leafing through the Complete Streets introduction slideshow:

Complete Streets

Here’s a PDF of the Complete Streets intro slideshow hosted by Madison County, Indiana where a Complete Streets resolution has already been passed. You can read more about Madison County’s Complete Streets efforts if you’d like. And if you like the presentation above and what to remix it for your community, you are welcome to do so with attribution to Complete Streets. The original PowerPoint for the files are here. If you’d like a rather technical argument for the approach, I enjoyed reading Eric Dumbaugh’s research on the safety of livable streets published in the Journal of the American Planning Association.

And for something more in the rant style, I’ll leave you with this TED presentation by James H Kunstler. He argues against surburban sprawl and the roads that go with them, in favor Main Street-styled streets that he describes as “places worth carrying about”. (beware: contains some strong language).