Solving the casserole-by-bike problem

I had this large dish of fresh pasta to deliver to a friend. How to carry it to a bike? It’s not a good match for a bungee treatment. The plastic lid would collapse and the aluminum pan would get distorted. It needs to stay flat so it’s not spilled. Yuba’s Bread Basket works great for this kind of load.

I had first tried a regular milk crate on a different bike, but the milk crate was too small. Other solutions to the casserole-by-bike problem could have included using an oversided milk crate as seen here:

Lucy Tikit Crate 4

A load like this could also be carried by using the box in a bakfiets-style bike. A trailer could be used, but it seems like overkill for a large dish of pasta!

What’s your favorite way to carry large flat spill-prone food dishes on a bike?