Stealth Commuting Rain Pants

Stealth Commuting Rain Pants

I had this dream. Pants that looked normal enough to wear to work, but with hidden super powers of water repellency. The elusive versitale garment sought after by bicycle and pedestrian commuters: Stealth Commuting Rain Pants.

It was immediately clear when they arrived tonight that they looked fairly normal and fit very well, but the hidden super powers needed to be tested. Conveniently, the kitchen floor needed mopping as well.

Stealth Commuting Rain Pants

The pants passed the test perfectly. As you can see in the “after” photo, there are no dark spots from water soaking through– it just rolled off.

The pants are also breathable, stretchy, and are lined with a millimeter of soft, warm fleece– not since Chuck Norris Action Jeans have pants with hidden super powers looked and felt this good.

Ok, so I never had the Chuck Norris Action Jeans. But when I was kid and saw the ads in Ninja magazine, they sure looked cool!

The particular pants I have are the Cold Fusion Soft Shell pants from Beyond. Beyond is an extraordinary company– all their garments are customized to provide the features and exact fit that their customers orders.

Too often I’ve found that Big & Tall sizes doesn’t mean Big OR Tall.

I realized the fabric would be perfect for this product after I tried the custom-fit rain pants that Foxwear makes from basically the same fabric. Unfortunately, the Foxwear design screams “Hey, I’m a pair of bicycling rain pants!”. The Foxwear superpowers were not stealth, but they give birth to my dream.