Complete Streets Policy needed in Richmond, Indiana

marking lanes for shared bike / pedestrian sidewalk
a shared use sidepath in Portland, Oregon.

Complete Streets refers to the concept of designing and operating roadways with all users in mind – including bicyclists, public transportation vehicles and riders, and pedestrians of all ages and abilities. Yesterday I was leafing through hundreds of pages of documentation about the U.S. 27 renovation through Richmond, and the importance of this hit home.

The documentation showed the many kinds of coordination and considerations that the state must go through to complete something which to some could appear to routine maintenance. During the “Early Coordination Phase” there are required considerations for hazardous waste, air quality, water quality, wildlife, historic homes, social justice, and the list goes on. Incredibly, although the project at hand is for transportation, there were not signs of due consideration given how the road update could impact other kinds of road uses besides driving cars. A “Complete Streets” policy would require this basic consideration.

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Completing U.S. 27 piece of bike route network is essential

Critical Mass, Richmond, Indiana, August 2007

This message is a public comment on INDOT’s proposed renovations of U.S. 27 as it it passes through Richmond, a project budgeted at $21 million.

I support the City of Richmond’s response on DES#0100701 and offer the following in support of it.

What’s wrong with the current proposal

  • The current proposal would speed up traffic at North C Street as it enters downtown, without any consideration of the negative effects and reduced safety that higher traffic speeds have on pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Against current federal transportation policy, it makes no accommodations for bicycling.

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