Bicycling turns chore into exercise, fun

While “quick trips to the store” can feel they are sucking my life away, completing the task this morning by bike was fun.

The breeze from pedaling on a hot August day felt nice. I got little exercise– more like a relaxing walk than a strenuous run– and the formally fussy baby fell asleep like she always does on the bike.

Arriving back home I ran inside, dropped the bag of groceries, and returned back to the bike to voluntarily extend the trip.

Today a narrow, unmarked footpath off the bike path caught me eye. I decided to push the bike down it for a bit. This risked having to push the bike backwards to return, if I found no opening to turn the eight foot bike around in. After a few minutes of pushing aside branches and ducking brambles, I found just the clearing I was hoping for, and a new set of trails that looked like a shortcut to a waterfall. I can explore that further another time. Now the baby was fast asleep and it was time to wrap up my “chore” and return home for breakfast.